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Let’s Create The Wedding You Want!

Are you looking for a heartwarming and captivating ceremony for your wedding by someone who will tell your love story? Do you want it to include all the details about your romance that you want – and none of the things you don’t? Do you think your wedding should actually be about… the two of you?

If so, that’s what I do. I’ll tell your love story in a way your wedding guests will love. We’ll make them laugh. We’ll make them shed a tear or two. And we’ll give them an unforgettable wedding experience.

Hey I’m David. I’m a wedding officiant in Tarpon Springs, Florida. And I can’t wait to create the ceremony that will compliment your perfect wedding day.

I’ll work with you to create an event your guests will remember like the day you’ve always dreamed of by helping you and guiding you by doing the following things…


Together, we’ll create a personalized wedding from the details you tell me about how you met your soulmate and the journey you two have ben on together.

“Personalized” means (and this is the best part!) I’m not going to tell rehased quotes and phrases and platitudes out of a can that I pulled off the internet or reuse the same old lines that I used from the wedding I did the week before.

There’s magic in how you two met and got engaged. There’s beauty in the way you both live and love each other. And we’re going to create even more magic in telling your family and friends about your romantic, love story on your special wedding day.


Together we’ll create a customized wedding ceremony that is meaningful to the two of you.

“Customized” means that from the welcome to the vows to the ring exchange, all the way to the pronouncement and everything else along the way.

I will guide you through your wedding ceremony options and we’ll work on it together in a personal wedding planning session. You’ll get the amazing marriage ceremony you’ve always dreamed of.


Together we’ll officiate and legalize your marriage so you don’t have any issues or worries.

“Legalized” means I’m certified with the clerk of court to register your marriage and fulfill all obligations as a lawful officiant.

Your paperwork is handled and filed according to state regulations, and you get peace of mind knowing that your marriage is fully legalized.

All you have to do is apply for a marriage license and give it to me on your wedding day. I’ll take care of everything else from there.

I’ll make sure it’s signed and stamped correctly. I’ll make sure that witnesses sign in the right places. And I will return it to the county clerk’s office in the appropriate county on time so that it gets recorded.

All you have to do is show up on your wedding day and enjoy yourselves.

“David makes your wedding ceremony unforgettable.”

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Dave Bailey

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