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My First Death: Smoky Swallow Saga

Hey! Just finishing up with the final touches on a new story. It should be up soon on Amazon. Advanced Reader Copies are available for sponsors on Patreon. Let me know what you think when you read it.

My First Death – Tagline

If you die in the Nevada desert, you may just live to tell the tale.

My First Death – Synopsis

When a semi jackknifes in the Nevada desert just outside of Area 51, a young orphan girl dies in the accident. However, she doesn’t stay dead because someone or something else has other plans for her and brings her back to life. But when the man responsible for the accident shows up with his creepy bosses, Swallow must do whatever it takes to save mankind from certain extinction by putting a stop to the alien forces that drive him by using her newfound alien powers from the alien soul that resurrected her and now possesses her.

My First Death –  Character Synopsis

When Swallow’s parents die, she runs away from her foster home, back to the Nevada desert where she grew up just outside of Area 51. After observing a series of strange explosions in the night, Swallow gets caught up in the drama of a young family caught in the path of a runaway Iron Knight semi chased by evil forces who want the alien cargo. The truck destroys everyone in its path and evil men kill off any remaining survivors.

Something in that cargo though won’t let Swallow stay dead and brings her back to life. Little by little, she discovers strange and unusual powers that she possesses to help herself and those she loves.

However, those same evil beings who caused her accident, want what is inside of her, and will stop at nothing to get it. Can Swallow stay alive long enough to protect those she loves before they remove her power and destroy her along with it?

Questions, comments, or feedback? Talk to me in the comments.

Edge of the Universe: Run! (Season 1)

I’m currently writing a series of stories I’m calling ‘Edge of the Universe‘. I’m super excited about this. I’ve been planning and outlining this series for a couple of years now, and finally pulled the trigger. Episode 1 is written at 34,710 (about 110 pages). You can read it here.

Synopsis for Edge of the Universe: Run!

“When an international technology company, offers a naive young scientist billions of dollars for his technology to splice DNA, Art thinks he’s made it and is living the life of his dreams. But when jealous colleagues, greedy corporations, and corrupt politicians get whiff of its true potential, Art will have to do whatever it takes to keep his invention from falling into the wrong hands.”

I’m so excited to finally be writing this that I can barely sleep at night. My mind just keeps coming up with new plot twists and cool details.

Review for Edge of the Universe: Run!

“I finished both and really liked the details where Art is making the deal. Wouldn’t being an instant billionaire ROCK? Looking forward to more :)” – @FijiMermaid89 on Twitter 

I’m shooting to write about 10 episodes for season 1 of Edge of the Universe which would be about 300,000 words (5 novels). I’m hoping to complete this over the summer.

I’ll be uploading the Edge of the Universe stories to Gumroad for now. I have it priced at $2.99 for the entire season, but you have the option to pay whatever you want to. Once it’s written, I plan on uploading it to Kindle Unlimited.

I’m also adding extra stories and behind the scene details up on Patreon as I write. I wrote a couple of thousand words that I just realized last night won’t be published in the book. They are nice extra details about a day in Art’s life when he first meets Tony’s daughter, but don’t necessarily need to be published.

I realized that I need to jump the story forward a bit, and don’t want to bog readers down from the flow and pacing. So, I’ll add it in as a bonus chapter for anyone who’s interested in extra reading and details.

I’ll also be writing a quick, short story for April to explain her backstory with Johnny and why Tony thought she was dead. It should be available this week on Patreon as well.

So, read Edge of the Universe and the extras to follow along with Art on his journey in this modern-day myth.

New Cover for Fall of Myxol

Did you ever do something, but you just weren’t happy with it? I felt that way recently over the cover I created for The Fall of Myxol. So, I found this really great artist who created a new cover for the book.

It captures the essence from the part of the book where the old man who helps Olijolf has to fight off Chilyrium, the Dragon Master who is called up by the Locrylian rebels.

I don’t want to spoil the story if you haven’t read it yet. But basically, there is this old mage who helps Elijolf escape to the center of the world and begin his journey by teaching him to open a portal of blue light.

But before they can save Kadlin and open the portal, they are attacked by a band of rebels and the Dragon Master himself.

If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to check it out!

Read on Amazon Kindle >> 

Read More Stories by Dave Bailey

Hey! Here’s a list of the 81+ books, short stories, and flash fiction that Dave has written to date. Find a title that looks interesting and enjoy reading them.

Short Stories

26 short stories available for you to read here on the blog or any of our other book hosting sites scattered around the web. These short stories typically range from 4,000 – 15, 000 words and can be read in a single sitting

Rune Cubes – A girl being chased through the woods by two bullies receives a fantastic weapon and an invitation to a curious adventure

Firebirds – When a teenage villager discovers someone is trying to kill her grandfather to take an artifact that he recently discovered, she helps him escape from the hospital only to discover that someone she trusts is part of the plot

Squire of Sarsuit – Jorgen awakens to the sound of something evil destroying his town and in the process of stopping it, discovers the truth about his past from the very person who set up the attack

Knight of Fire – After witnessing the assassination of the king, Emillian is given an invisible sword and sent on a dangerous mission to deliver it to the one who can tell him what his next step is

Clara of Cesfati: The Slayer of Kings – When her entire team is poisoned off, only Clara is left to protect her patron and the kingdom from their enemy’s surprise attack using her wits and swords

Broozer The Barbarian Knight Mage – Alone in the night, Broozer is attacked in the woods, but saved by an old crone who tells him where to find the men the king is looking for. Now, all he has to do is defeat the blind giant of Wandermere to get them back

Skeleton Huntress: Feast of Fire – While searching for her mentor, Norah discovers that everything she believed about their world is a lie, and she is attacked by the truth like a giant, shrieking skeleton

Dragon Rider of Agardi: The King Is Dead – The king is dead and the princess is missing. Leyla wants to help, but doesn’t think she has what it takes…until she gets a little help from a completely unexpected source…with wings.

Uduack The Time Stopper – A dustdevil with tentacles wipes out his entire village in less than 15 minutes. It’s not like Uduak didn’t try to warn them. Now, everyone he loves is dead, but the crone gives him the key to revenge which will allow him to rise from the ashes to rule the world

Cursed Loot In Yokonagawa – Cursed loot kills off his companions one by one until only Ren is left to face their mortal enemy, but you can’t always win. Sometimes, you just have to live to fight another day.

Field of a Thousand Swords – A sword so sharp it can cut through rocks like warm butter in the summer. The only thing Ami from finding this legendary weapon is the giant orc threatening to kill her friends

Gage the Aixtron – When Muhammad finds an AIX-49 in the junkyard, little do he and his friends know that this is the legendary warrior that can save them from their enemies

The Portal to Nemderia – You should never open your door for strangers, especially when the claim to be from the future and their message sounds too good to be true (as Deloris is about to find out)

Warblade of Ballara – After finding the horned monster guarding the weapon he seeks, Strogoben comes prepared to fight it to the death. But things don’t turn out quite like the former dragon hunter expects

In The Land of Giants – The job of his dreams is yanked out of his hands by the person he loves. Carl never would have guessed that his feelings for someone could change so quickly and drastically

Dragon Troll – A dark, ugly duckling tale about a small boy who is mistreated and misunderstood, until they find out what he can really do. Currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited

Rooftop Rage – Old tensions flare after finding his nemesis dead in a tub and now Igor has to do whatever it takes to stay alive long enough to find out who killed the old man and why

Scorpion Sparks – Family dealings are always shady and Tom is constantly on the move, until he finds a way to finally settle down. All he has to do is one simple job for the family

Train Wreck – Can Alecks escape the prison, stop the train, and save the woman he loves? It seems some things aren’t impossible after surviving whatever slaughtered his troop and allowed him to survive (or at least brought him back to life)

Floor 47 – Sector Seven houses something sinister, and April will pay for the discovery of these secrets with her life. Sometimes its best to let sleeping secrets lie

Cloud Eater – When her cloud city comes under attack, only two will survive and one will live to tell the tale. The tale behind the Bermuda Triangle that you never heard before

End of the Beginning – What happens when people fight until there is no one left to fight?

Flash Fiction

Here you’ll find a list of 52 really short stories about 1000 words or less that we call flash fiction. You can read through them and enjoy them in a snap

That Must Be Momma – Two men in suits search a junkyard for the creature that attacked them. One of them seems overly talkative and the other remains silent until the very end.

Goldfish – A routine flyover through a new portal and the crew gets shot down. Two dead and the status of the other three are unknown. This is the last known recording of Lieutenant Theudhar Osborne

Portal Hunter – A good deed never goes unpunished. This small group gets punished for something they never did…and simply for keeping a portal open

This Zombie’s On Fire – Blowing up a building full of zombies isn’t the best way to deal with them…especially if they aren’t immune to fire

Dragon Rider: Making of a Warrior – Sent on a mission they never expected him to complete, they now refuse to let the cloud rider return home with his dragon and he has a decision to make

Legend of the Burning Mountain Man – You may have heard the stories about the burning man running around on the mountain at night. Only Avery knows who it really is…

The Thirty-Third Dimension -When you jump through strange portals, make sure you know how to find your way back home

Facing Mael’s Giant -Natalie found Mael’s giant and isn’t about to let him get away

Blaze – Never mess with an angry woman holding a chainsaw, especially when your surrounded by fire and can’t escape

Feeling Cross – Keep your mutants at home kids, and don’t let them escape on their own

Boy with the Tattered Umbrella – Sometimes the protectors need protecting, and its the little ones that save them

Dragon Slayer – Some days you never know if a single deed will brand you as a heroine or a traitor for breaking a taboo

Invisible Ship – Sometimes the thing that you’ve been looking for has been hiding right there in front of you the entire time

Unstoppable Fire – That moment of deja vu when you learn where those flashes of premonition come from

Black Rain & Grey Smog – This wasn’t how they told me that the world would end, but the one thing I know for sure is that nothing will ever be the same again

Sword of Alamorth – Making the right choice can be hard because you never know what could have been if you had made a different decision

Deception – Things aren’t always what they seem and people aren’t always who you think they are

I Love You Baby – You never know which person around you could actually be a superhero and save your life

I’m Not Your Papa – Strange worlds could exist all around us that we aren’t even aware of…yet

SkyEater Down – Just another routine day training new pilots over the quarantined city…until a random shot knocked them out of the sky

In The End, We All Die – But we will never go down without a fight. We will never give up…

Maxamed’s Epiphany – Sometimes your epiphanies come too late to do you any good

The Dragon Mage’s Staff – And in the end, the weapon you thought you used to control others was actually being used to control you?

City Monster – He had done what they sent him to do, but it almost seemed to easy

Apocalypse Warrior – If you react too quickly, you might not discover the secrets that you’ve been searching for all this time

Subject 239 – Seeing someone you love after six months is great, unless they no longer recognize you and are beyond help

Evil Comes From The Darkness – Running around with pitchforks at night and burning down homes is a dangerous game. Sometimes you burn down the wrong house

Take Over the World – That moment when you discover who you are and what you were created for…only to realize its not what you want

How Dong Became King – Given a mission that he had almost completed, until Dong realized he was better off not following through with them

Brothebit Girl – That moment you realize why you are so different from your family and everyone around you

The Gunman – Seven years seeking his revenge, but before he can see it through, something completely unexpected happens

The Day Time Stood Still – What if time stood still, and you were the only one who knew it?

Search for the Moonstone Giant – Sometimes you don’t find what you were looking for, but you find something even better

Kaito’s Quest: All Good Things Come To An End – Hunting dragon’s eggs is a risky business, even if you do have a dragon and the reward is the princess’s hand in marriage

Crow Scare – That moment when you realize your enemy is such a strategic planner that you need to have them on your side

Raining Fire – Giving up your life so that the one next to you can bring about a greater evil than you ever could

Night Fight – Rainer is sent on a suicide mission, only to discover that it was impossible from the start. And now your only hope is to successfully complete it before its too late

What Goes Around Comes Around – When an evil general takes over the president’s body, Jenny has to do whatever it takes to get him out and bring the president back

Borg Wars -What happens when a child’s family is killed and he confronts the borgs responsible?

Street Smart -Learning to be grateful for the little things…even when you don’t have a lot

Rain And Hair Don’t Mix – Hair all done up and headed to a party, when the unthinkable happens

Joe Goes Home – What happens when an alley cat finds a new home, but doesn’t have his freedom?

The Hole – A man wakes up in a lab with no memory of who he is or where he came from

City In The Clouds -What would life be like, living on a cloud?

Survival Skills – When a middle-aged man goes through mid-life crisis, he desperately wants to make some major life changes

Ballad of the Romantic Bank Robber – Crime never pays, but if you do decide to go through with it, beware of the consequences…

Oscar 977 – What happens when science experiments gain consciousness and want to take over for their scientists?

The Boy Who Pulled A Fast One – A young prankster almost goes too far in his little town…

Immersion – Do you ever wonder who might be watching you?

The Girl Who Lived Alone – After growing up a lone in the forest for years, a young girl is returned to the city where she must learn to adapt and survive

Conversation with Death – How would your life change if you could have a quick chat with death?

Time Machine Man – Did you ever wonder what you would do if you could go back in time and change a few things?

Books & Novels

Here are a few of the books that I wrote when I first started putting words down on the screen. Some were mentioned previously above. These were all originally published on Amazon. Read and enjoy…

Edge of the Universe

This is the series of stories that I’m currently writing. Episode 1 is complete and several more are in the works. I spend several years planning and outlining this. So, I’m really excited to be able to be finally writing this. Read on Gumroad (PDF, epub, or mobi) >>

Art: Final Battle – with Audiobook

I was playing around with possible endings for Art on the Edge of the Universe series that I’m currently working on. It will probably change by the time I finish writing the series, but it will give you an idea of where the story could be going. Read on Amazon Kindle >> or Listen on Audible >>

Lost! In The Spider Caves of Knulkforrest

I started to write this as a short story, but it just kept growing and growing. Thorgaut demanded a complete story, and more are planned, so stay tuned for him to tell you more about his adventures. Read on Amazon Kindle >>

The Fall Of Myxol

Elijolf Hranfastsson is one of the major characters in Art on the Edge of the Universe series, and this is part of his backstory which will help you understand the feud between the Myxolians and Locrylians. Read on Amazon Kindle >>

My First Death: The Coming of Age of Smokey Swallow

If you die near Area 51, you may just live to tell the tale. When a young orphan girl runs away from home and gets into a trucking accident, she assumes this is the end of the line for her. Until she’s resurrected by an alien being who wants to use her body to stay alive. Read My First Death on Amazon >>

Dragon Troll: 15-Minute Short Read

Read Dragon Troll, a dark, ugly duckling tale of a boy mistreated and misunderstood until people find out exactly how powerful he is and what he is capable of doing.

Knight Of The Dragon Queen

When Ray McGown starts spontaneously combusting and bursting into flames in the most inconvenient places. He attracts the attention of some very unpleasant characters and discovers he carries an ancient gene that was thought to have been lost to the age. Now, he must set out on a journey to find Venomshank, the Warblade of Ballara to save himself and the Dragon Queen before it’s too late.


Art: Final Battle – Release on Kindle Unlimited

Great news! Art: Final Battle is now available on Kindle. I am super excited. And we released it on Kindle Unlimited right from the start.

So, if you are already a Kindle Unlimited reader, you can read it free. Well, you do pay your Kindle Unlimited subscription, so it’s not totally free. But you know what I mean.  You don’t have to pay anything else to read it because it’s already available for you.

So, go ahead and download Art: Final Battle to your Kindle to read today.

More News About Art: Final Battle

This is just the beginning. Here are the things I’m currently working on with Art: Final Battle…

  • Audible Audiobook – The audio version has been recorded and will soon be available on Audible. Art: Final Battle audiobook is currently going through their quality assessment review. But, if you want to listen to the audiobook, I can let you download it from my dropbox. Just send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you a link to the download page.
  • Portuguese Translation for Art: Final Battle is currently in the works through Google’s Translator Toolkit The first one I’m working on is Portuguese. So, let me know if you speak Portuguese and want to join our team to collaborate on the Portuguese translation of Art: Final Battle.
  • Art Series: I have several more stories planned for Art. Most of them have to do with his backstory and how he created the DNA-splicing machine that created Lucien and of course, we’ll fill in the details about his family.

Art’s DNA-splicing machine is just the catalyst that kicks off all the future stories and upcoming heroes and villains for all the 259+ story ideas that are currently rolling around in my head.

So, stay tuned. If you want updates directly in your inbox when I have a new story ready, make sure to sign up for my free story newsletter.

Or if you don’t want to get e-mails, you can still read my new stories before they get published on Patreon.

Art: Final Battle – Book Description

What if everyone hails you to be a great hero who would save them from their enemies and restore their land. They believe that you fulfill an ancient prophecy. Deep down though, you know that you aren’t who they think and can’t save them.


I Can't Put It Down

Dave, I started reading your book and I can't put it down. Writing a short story book isn't easy but you sir have a knack for storytelling. Excellent job. I highly recommend this book to anyone who's tired of reading boring novels wishing an author hurry and get to the point. Read 'Final Battle' here >>


This Is Storytelling At Its Best



I just bought your new book 'Final Battle'. I'm glad to be an #Earlybuyer. Looking forward to reading and reviewing it. Congratulations, Dave!!!! Support Indie Authors be an #earlybuyer Follow and read 'Art's Final Battle'


Enthralling tale!

I thoroughly enjoyed this short, but sweet little story which follows Art as he battles wild beasts and a portal-opening villain named Lucien. From the get-go, this story was heavily action-packed and very pacy. Not only that, this story offers a glimpse into a whole new magical world that the author is planning on writing about. This book is just the beginning, and what an exciting read it was! Read 'Art's Final Battle' here >>

Get Your Kindle Version Here Or Audible Coming Soon

Meet Art!

Art is a scientist who has developed DNA-splicing technology to end disease and heal the sick.

Things take a turn for the worse when an ancient alien race tries to get their hands on his technology. They kill his wife. They kidnap his daughter. And force him to splice together DNA between a human and alien body.

Their goal? Create a host shell for an evil Locrylian demon. He plans to find a body, overrun the planet and enslave mankind.

Art manages to rescue his daughter and tries to escape. But the Myxolians capture him and force him to go on a suicide mission to close down Lucien’s portal.

They drop him off at the edge of a booby-trapped forest with a small team. They are immediately attacked by savage Axalot Hounds. Art learns that these are the smallest creatures that will be coming through the portal. The quaggars they truly fear will be much larger and almost impossible to kill.

Then Art watches helplessly as his team comes under attack by snipers hidden in the forest. And to top it all off, their one chance at victory get sucked away through a portal.

Now, Art is wounded, desperate, and at wit’s end.

Can he do whatever it takes to defeat the evil villain, close the portal, and save his daughter before it’s too late?

What will happen when everyone realizes that he isn’t the savior they had hoped for?

Get Your Kindle Version Here Or Audible Coming Soon

Meet Lucien!

Lucien was once a regular Locrylian. That is until his jealous wife tried to poison him. A friend managed to save his soul even though the poison destroyed his body. Ever since then, he has wandered between worlds looking for a body he can inhabit once again.

He finds Art’s DNA-splicing technology and realizes he could use it to create a body for himself. Lucien forces Art into mixing Locrylian genes into a human body. Lucien almost succeeds. The Myxolians stop the transfer before his new body is complete through. Now, he is weak and dying. Lucien only has a few days to open a portal to transport his people from their dying planet before it’s too late.

Lucien plans to wipe out the human army, dominate the earth, and enslave mankind. Once they have control, he plans to transport his people to their new home on earth.

But can he succeed when Art and team kill off most of his men? Could Art be the awaited savior of his sworn enemies? Lucien has to make sure that Art won’t be able to foil his plans.

Get Your Kindle Version Here Or Audible Coming Soon

Meet Elijah!

Elijah was once a wealthy merchant with many Locrylian slaves. Then the slaves rebelled, killed most of the population, and ravaged the land. Elijah escaped to earth. His sole mission in life is to keep the remaining band of Myxolians safe and avenge his losses.

His people believe the ancient prophecies of a Chosen One who restore their land and lead them home. He believes that Art is the one who will save them and regains hope once again.

He takes Art under his wing and tries to convince him that he could be their savior. Elijah tries to teach him to use the power freely available to one in his position. Art is stubborn though and refuses to believe.

Elijah realizes that they are on a suicide mission. He knows that he may not survive long enough to close the portal. But he persists in trying to pressure Art into realizing who he is and accept his destiny. Elijah chooses to believe that Art will be there to keep things under control once the portal opens. But when the portal opens, he realizes that Art really can’t control the wild beasts.

Now, how will they close the portal and stop the attack? Who will restore their land and lead them home? Is this the end of his race?

This is a 15,000 word story which comes out to about 70 pages and 108 minutes of audio.

Get Your Kindle Version Here Or Audible Coming Soon

Preorder Your Copy of Art: Final Battle

I finally got my Kindle story up for sale at Art: Final Battle.

It’s complete, but won’t be available till Feburary 23, which is my birthday!

Yay! So, we’re gonna celebrate by launching the book on Friday.

I’ve also recorded and mastered the audio book version and uploaded it to Audible, but it will probably take a few days to go through their quality assurance process before they approve it.

Meantime, you can preorder the Kindle version now on Amazon.

Or read it ‘free’ on Kindle Unlimited.

Once the audible version is ready, you can download it free as an Audible member.