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Resources Dave Bailey Uses

Have you ever seen something really cool on someone’s social media channel or website and wondered how they did that? I know I do.

Recently, I saw a really cool video on someone’s Instagram story. So, I asked how he did it, and he completely ignored me. I hate it when that happens.

And then to top it off, later when I asked about a product of his, he answered immediately. And he kept sending me messages for weeks after that.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy his product, but it got me to thinking that even though people don’t ask how I do things, they might be curious. So, I decided to share a resource page with different tools and resources that I use. I do add affiliate links when they are available.

Newsletters & Autoresponders – I use Getresponse to send emails and autoresponders to my subscribers. I’ve been using them for over a decade now. They have some great resources for building funnels, landing pages, and automating your emails. If you send emails to your students, readers, or business contacts, make sure to check out Getreponse

Videos & Screen Recordings – I’ve been using Camtasia to record and edit my videos for Youtube and my Social Media channels for many years now. I especially use it to record videos of my screen when creating new English courses. If you need to record videos, check out Camtasia

Let me know if you have questions or comments about any of these resources. Or if you have questions about how I create or do anything else on the blog.

English Vocabulary: To Call

To call – Listen to the audio to learn how to use this English vocabulary word of the day in 3 different sentences

Definition: communicate or contact someone by telephone


  1. I’ll call you back at 5:00 p.m.? – Eu te ligo de volta as 17:00
  2. You should call the doctor – Você deveria ligar para o médico
  3. Excuse me. I need to make a call – Com licença. Preciso fazer uma ligação

Sound File:

Part of Speech: Verb, base form

Verb Conjugations for To Call

  • Call
  • Calls
  • Calling
  • Called

Synonyms: ring, summon, contact, communicate

Related Phrases and Collocations and Expressions

Make a call

Write your own phrases with the word ‘to call’ in the comments for practice and to receive corrections and feedback as needed.

How To Go From 2K To 42K Twitter Followers In Just Four Months

There’s a common problem I see with a lot of new Twitter users. They’re excited about the platform and meeting new people. But they’re stuck at 5,000 followers. And then they get frustrated and quit using the platform and their digital marketing efforts.

Me? I never had that problem. I couldn’t get past 2,000 followers. And that was after years of trying. Yep. I admit. I’m a quitter. I’m not the kind to really stick with something. Call me lazy.

But a few months back I stumbled across a Twitter User and a Twitter Tool that changed social media for me.

Long story short, after 4 months of using the tool as I was taught, I had 40,000 new followers. All I do is use this one tool to do 6 different things every day.

[Update in July 2018: Over 64,000 followers now. It just keeps growing and growing.]

The Magical Six Step Twitter Formula

You want to know what they are?

Tweet + Retweet + Comment + Unfollow + Followback + Follow = 40,000 New Twitter Followers

And the magic tool?

It’s called CrowdFire

How Do You Use The Twitter Tool?

Your super-smart social media manager that’s helping millions of creators like you grow online every day. Find and share content your audience will love.

All you do is log in and follow the suggested steps because

  • It recommends people to follow based on your interests
  • It tells you who your new followers are so you can follow them back and engage with them
  • It shows you which tweets you should like and comment on based on similar interests
  • It suggests retweets your followers will love and…
  • It also tells you who stopped following you so you can focus on people who are interested in your tweets

You can also connect your blogs and other social media accounts to share your content on other platforms for SEO and backlinks.

It allows you to retweet your blog posts several times automatically over the next 30 days…which means it saves you the time of having to go in and do that manually.

So, not only do you get your content promoted to your Twitter followers, but it also pushes them out to your other social media platforms as well. That means you get new engagements and followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Shopify, and numerous others I won’t take the time to name here.

Tap. Tap. Share.

40,000 new Twitter followers in four months aren’t something to shake a stick at.

The Easy Solution To Getting Unstuck On Twitter

Going back to the main problem Twitter users face that I mentioned right at the beginning of hitting the 5000 following limit?

CrowdFire has a really easy solution. Just use their unfollow tool. It shows you exactly who’s not interested in your content or engaging with you so you can find other people who are.

But the best part is that CrowdFire is totally compliant with Twitter guidelines…which means that you won’t get your Twitter account banned or suspended like you do with other tools.

Ahem, yes. I admit that I’ve been there and done that. I tried out this new tool that promised to be easier than CrowdFire. Week later I got suspended for a few days. And I wasn’t even going over the daily Twitter limits.

So, I’m back to using CrowdFire again and growing again.

At last count, I was up at 45,250 followers.

Yesterday, my CrowdFire report card shows I got 403 new followers. And that’s because it was a really busy day at work and I didn’t have time to do much more than the basics.

But you know what? It’s not about the numbers.

Why I Really Use Twitter & My Secret Motivation

The real fun on Twitter is getting to meet amazing new people and make new friends. I’ve met and interacted with:

  • Authors from Australia
  • Business consultants from South Africa
  • Scriptwriters from the USA and
  • I even got a nice shirt from someone in Brazil

People that I would never have met in ‘real’ life.

And remember that guy who showed me how to use CrowdFire and follow the 6 Step Formula?

That’s him.

M Lemont a.k.a. @MisterSalesman

I found his book on Amazon. He’s the one that got me addicted to the Twitter game now.

This is the book I read that got me on Twitter called How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers.

Best book on Twitter Marketing ever.

And it’s on Kindle Unlimited so you can read it free if you’re a member.

If not, just sign up here to read a lot of books.

Kindle Unlimited is great if you’re like me. It’s currently only $10 per month. I spend more on that buying books in a single night. So, if you like to read a lot, make sure to check it out.

Promoting My Book On Twitter With CrowdFire

You can even read my book free on Kindle Unlimited too. Yep, I finally got bit by the author bug and wrote my own.

You can read Final Battle by Dave Bailey on your Kindle. Or even listen to the audiobook version too on Audible (already recorded, uploaded and processing in the system).

But anyway, that’s just a quick sidenote to plug and promote my own work. Now, back to our original program on CrowdFire and your content marketing boosting tool. 

Use The Six Step Twitter Formula In CrowdFire

CrowdFire automatically reminds you each day to apply the six step Twitter formula. And it does so in a very specific way to help you maximize your digital marketing across social media sites.

  • Tweet – Share your ideas and stuff with your followers
  • Retweet – Introduce your followers to each other and they will love you for it
  • Comment – Interact with your followers about the things they are sharing with you
  • Unfollow – Stop filling up your timeline with people who aren’t interested in connecting with you
  • Followback – Follow the people who are interested in your and your ideas
  • Follow – Follow more people that you might be interested in connecting with

If you follow these 6 steps every day, your feed will fill up pretty fast, but don’t worry because…

  1. you can mute the type of tweeds you don’t like and
  2. you can create lists of specific kinds of users

For example, you can have separate lists for authors, photographers, bloggers, and other topics that interest you, just like using tags for SEO.

See, piece of cake.

What Happens If I Get Too Many Twitter Followers With CrowdFire?

Don’t be afraid you’ll get more Twitter followers than you can handle.

CrowdFire will help you tame the social media Twitter Beast and keep things under control.

It’ll even organize them for you and tell you which ones to reply to in your daily session.

Go ahead and take CrowdFire for a spin.

I think you’ll like.

I know I did.

Thank you, M Lemont! Make sure to follow @mistersalesman

And here are 7 Twitter Accounts You Can Follow That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer


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