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I’m Dave Bailey

If you’re looking to wake up to breathtaking sunrises on your own private waterfront oasis, Tampa Bay may be the place for you. In a world of cookie-cutter homes, I specialize in helping people find unique properties in Tampa Bay’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Life is too short for a boring house. Let’s find you a home that’s a work of art. Read Dave’s Blog >>>

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About Dave Bailey

Dave is a real Floridian, born in the heart of central Florida. After high school, he went to Brazil where he planned on spending a year. However, he got lost and it took him 20 years to find his way back to Florida. Along the way, he fell in love, got married, and was living his happily ever after.

Through a series of amazing life circumstances, Dave found himself working in the real estate industry. As of the time of this writing, he has worked with over over 1,367 homeowners along various stages of their real estate journey. Dave also provides photo and video services for real estate brokerages and builders.

Real Estate Agent

If your next move is important to you, it’s essential to have a real estate agent who understands that. Let’s talk about your next big step.

Loan Signing Agent

Your financial dreams deserve a signature experience. With my expertise, signing loans becomes a stress-free and empowering step toward your goals


Let’s turn ‘For Sale’ signs into ‘SOLD’ signs together. I’m the real estate photographer who knows how to make listings shine.

My Portfolio

Pictures from some of my recent photo shoots for listings in the Tampa Bay area. See my full portfolio here >>>

Picture of a 2 story house at sunset with pink skies
Community center building with a pool in the back beside a large lake
Picture of houses taken from a drone flying overhead straight down

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Dave Bailey shares his best, top-secret, and little-known tips and tricks for buying and selling real estate. You’ll get tools to make sure you don’t miss anything when it becomes available and don’t overpay while buying. And you’ll learn strategies to negotiate your properties for the best price when selling.