Dragon Troll:
A 15-Minute Short Read

Read 'Dragon Troll', a dark, ugly duckling tale about a small boy who is mistreated and misunderstood, until they find out what he can really do.
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    Drifa Gudadottir - The Old Widow Stuck With Raising Reji And Looking After The Farm After Her Husband's Death. She Regrets Having Taken The Boy In Because He Never Grew To Become The Man She Hoped Him To Be. Even though she hates him, she still finds him useful to do chores she can't handle
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    Reji -  The young boy that Drifa took in after finding him in the woods because she didn't have any children of her own.  He is small for his age and is mistreated by everyone around him.
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    Audbjorn Galtisson - The greedy farmer who comes to visit Drifa because his sheep have been disappearing. He threatens to take her farm and do away with the boy because of an Old Debt. Then he tries to kill her to get what he wants.

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How would you feel about being saved by someone you mistreated?

Meet Drifa, an old woman raising a mysterious child found in the woods. She only keeps him around because he is still useful after her husband's death. 

The child is small for his size, but still does things that she can't.

When an old enemy comes looking to collect on a debt, there is no one around to help her, except the boy. Will he help her or leave her to meet her fate? 

After the way she's mistreated him, she doesn't hold he breath. But things don't turn out at all like she expects in this twist on the ugly duckling story.

The young child turns out to be something completely different than anything she or her gossipy old neighbors ever imagined.

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