April 25


Florida Home Buying Webinar – The Complete Guide To Buying A House In Florida In 2022

In the Florida Home Buying Webinar We’ll Give You The Complete Guide To Buying A House In Florida In 2022 So You Avoid Costly Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands!

Watch the webinar above to understand the home buying process from start to finish (including how to get pre-approved for a loan if this is your first time buying a home).

Florida Home Buying Webinar 0:00
Real Estate Market Report for 2022 9:26
Housing Prices over 60 Years 10:03
Real Estate Statistics for 2022 12:01
Mistakes Home Buyers Make 16:10
How To Prepare For Buying A House 18:00
The Home Buying Process In 10 Steps 22:08
How To Boost Your Credit Scores For The Best Rates 22:45
3 Pillars For Loan Approval 25:14
Biggest Factor In Getting A Loan & Saving For A Down Payment 29:51
How To Build Your Home Buying Team – Who To Include & What To Look For 31:42
Getting Pre-Approved For A Loan 35:15
What Kind of Loans Are Available 37:58
First Time Home Buyers & Down Payment Assistance Programs 43:30
Is The Housing Market Going To Crash In 2022 45:45
What If I Can’t Get Approved For A Loan 48:22
Searching For The House of Your Dreams 53:13
Saving Up To $40,000 Buying New Construction 59:28
Make An Offer & Negotiate 1:01:40
7 Elements To Making A Strong Offer 1:05:22
Complete Your Financing 1:11:20
Home Inspections, Appraisals, & Title Searches 1:12:00
Do NOT Do Any Of These 8 Things If You Want To Get Approved For Your Loan 1:14:56
Checklist To Prepare For Moving Day 1:17:25
Your Final Walk Through & Closing On Your New Home 01:18:45
Proper ID For Signing Your Closing Documents 1:23:10
Join The VIP Home Buying Program 1:29:30

David Arthur Bailey Jr

About the author

David shares his best, top-secret, and little-known tips and tricks to sell your house in days (not months) and save thousands buying your new, dream house

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