Love On The Edge:
An Exciting Short Read 

Read 'Love On The Edge', a dark fantasy tale about a woman who wakes up a thousand years in the future with no memory of who is or what she is doing there. 
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    Julie - Julie was buried alive in the frozen tundra of Alaska 1000 years previously. She wakes up in modern-day America with no memory of who she is or what happened. Her only clue is an ancient legend of the Dragon Queen.
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    Melinda -  The nutty nurse who takes care of julie after Dr. Jonas brings her back to life. But there are strange secrets from melinda's past too. And a secret organization wants to manipulate her for their own ends.
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    Dr. Jonas - The Mad scientist who ran the original dNA Profiling on julie's remainds and figured out who she might possibly, connecting it to the stories that were thought to be forgotten.

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A thousand years of separation is a long time to find the one you once loved. 

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About the Author: Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey has published four books that are available for you to read now. He is currently writing ‘Edge of the Universe’ series of which the first four books are already available for your reading pleasure. When Dave isn’t writing, you’ll most likely find him lying in a hammock under a mango tree with his guitar.

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