Knight of The Dragon Queen
30-Minute Short Read 

Read 'Kight of the Dragon Queen', the story of a man who carries a rare strain of Dragon DNA and is called to bear Venomshank The Warblade of Ballara, if he can find it and save the Dragon Queen before it's too late.
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    ray McGowan - Ray's momma always called him a hothead. He thought it was just a nickname until he starts bursting into flame. Once he learns the truth about who he is, Ray must begin A journey to find The Warblade and save his Queen.
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    Eartalk -  The Giant ogre that guards the portal To ballara seems to be fairly friendly until he isn't. Then Ray has to Convince Eartalk to Let him through and prove that he is capable of surviving on his own.
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    This is a short story that provides background on Julia the Dragon queen and her modern-day Knight in Shining armor. It focuses on the very beginning stage of Ray's Journey as he tries to make it through the portal before it's too late.

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When Ray McGowan's momma told him that he was a hothead, Ray thought it was just an expression.

Until he finds starts spontaneously combusting and bursting into flames in the most inconvenient places.

Like at work, at home in bed, and at the restaurant with his girlfriend.

And usually, it happens when he's upset about something.

Then his momma's words start to take on a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately, she's no longer around to tell him what causes this and how to stop it.

Recently, a stranger noticed what was going on, and told him that he carried a rare strain of Dragon DNA and offers to take him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Their mission is to locate an ancient weapon named Venomshank, the Warblade of Ballar.

The reason?

To save the Dragon Queen.

But when the group gets attacked by their enemies, Ray is the only one left standing who can actually make the trip.

So, they give him the map and what little information they know about it.

Will he be able to make it without the help of his friends?

Ray sets off toward the caves under the mountains to locate the portal that will take him to Ballara.

But first, he has to convince the portal guard to let him through, and then pay whatever price he demands.

If he can afford it.

Everything seems to be going well until the portal guard loses his cool and attacks Ray.

The young, up-and-coming knight must do whatever it takes to overcome his enemy without blowing them both to bits in the tunnels, and convince the guard to let him through the portal to continue his journey.

Which is actually hard to do when the giant ogre wants to get him into a fight.

Now, he has to diffuse the situation and put him down without humiliating the creature and angering into the point where it won't help him, while also not bursting into flames and burning them up in the process.

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