Edge of The Universe:
SciFi Fantasy Series

Read 'Edge of the Universe', and enter a fantasy world you never imagined possible with characters who will blow your mind. 
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    Art - A naive, scientist who develops DNA splicing technology that LocTech purchases for 2.9 billion dollars. He thinks he has it made and is living he life of his dreams, until he discovers he has enemies who will stop at nothing to get their hands on his invention
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    Tony -  The billionaire Corporte executive who claims he wants to use art's DNA splicer to save his daughter and the world at large. But as time goes on, Art discovers that Tony isn't who he orginally thought
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    Bill - The Art's bodyguard who must protect him at all cost even though art doesn't make it easy for him. Can bill help art get to the bottom of this mystery and discover who he can trust?

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If you enjoy a rags-to-riches story with mystery, intrigue, and action involving cutting edge technology in a universe that’s almost fantasy, then you’ll love reading the Run! From the Edge of the Universe series.

Meet Art and his friends...

When an international technology company, offers a naive young scientist from Brazil billions of dollars for his new technology that can splice DNA into living organisms, Art thinks he’s made it and is living the life of his dreams.

But when jealous colleagues, greedy corporations, and corrupt politicians get whiff of the true potential that it possesses, Art will have to do whatever it takes to keep his invention from falling into the wrong hands.

Art arrives in Brimhill and is immediately surrounded by the mysterious disappearance of his friend Johnny, the only person he knows in the entire city.

Johnny gives Art a severe warning before he disappears and tells him to get out of town. Art tries to flee, but is caught by the police and blamed for Johnny’s death.

Johnny’s boss uses his disappearance to strong arm Art into selling his company and making Art a deal that he can’t refuse.

All the while, Art continues to receive strange messages and warnings from those he comes into contact with. Most of the employees seem to be against the company and are strongly opposed to Art selling his DNA-splicing technology after the rumors of what happened down in Sector Seven.

Art must figure out who is trying to stop him and why, as well as figure out what is so bad about working at LocTech.

Read on to find out what happens to Art in this episode in the Edge of the Universe series and how he becomes an overnight billionaire.

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Series Release Dates

Here is the latest updated information about the Edge of the Universe series (as of November 1, 2018). What books Dave Bailey currently writing and when upcoming episodes will become available. I'm currently writing a chapter or two each day. You can read the daily chapters on Dave Bailey's Patreon page

Series: Art on the Edge of the Universe
Season 1: On The Run!

Episode 1: Rise (November 1, 2018) Available on all major platforms
Episode 2: Release (December 1, 2018) Currently available on Kindle Unlimited
Episode 3: Rush (January 1, 2019) Currently available on Kindle Unlimited
Episode 4: Run (Feburary 1, 2019) Currently available on Kindle Unlimited
Episode 5: TBA ​
Episode 6: TBA ​
Episode 7: TBA
Episode 8: TBA ​
Episode 9: TBA ​
Episode 10: TBA ​


Twitter Reader

“I finished both and really liked the details where Art is making the deal. Wouldn’t being an instant billionaire ROCK? Looking forward to more :)”

– @FijiMermaid89 on Twitter

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Dave Bailey has published many books and short stories that are available for you to read now. He is currently writing ‘Edge of the Universe’ series of which the first several books are already available for your reading pleasure. When Dave isn’t writing, you’ll most likely find him lying in a hammock under a mango tree with his guitar. See Dave's books on Amazon

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